A little bit about me...

Originally from Chattanooga, TN, I now call Northern California home. Whether I am mothering my four daughters, editing a sermon for my pastor-husband, writing Bible studies for our church or meeting a friend for coffee, I believe what you say and how you say it is important. 


Sharing words with one another is the way we create relationship. Singing those words to music carves a deep path to connection, too. Words, meaning, relationship, connection...all of these are reasons I write and sing.


I also have some good news to sing about that has to do with Jesus. While a lot of my songs have more whispers of faith than overt language, I am finishing a new project of songs written through the Biblical book of Lamentations. "SHE WEEPS," is a collection of songs that gives the Christian an opportunity to cry out to God in their pain and struggle. Coming April 2023.


Whether I get to share music with you digitally, in a house show, or leading worship, I hope you are encouraged by what you hear.